2011 National Urban League Conference, Boston: Jobs: Rebuilding America

Thank You to Our Title Sponsors


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The summer sizzles in New Orleans, Louisiana (NOLA), from July 25th to 28th, when the 2012 National Urban League Conference brings together the brightest stars in business, government, entertainment—and you! This year’s conference, Occupy the Vote: Employment & Education Empower the Nation, tackles the challenges to democracy with a focus on the nationwide effort to suppress voting rights, putting educational opportunity and economic justice at risk. The spirit of New Orleans shines through every dynamic moment of the conference, showcasing its rich culture, strength and vitality.

In this important election year, we have invited President Obama and the Republican Presidential nominee to the Conference to share their plans to address the critical issues facing the country. We will also hold a special plenary session with civic and political leaders on voter suppression and what must be done to Occupy the Vote and empower our communities in 2012. You can expect the nightly events to be as hot as the heated debates during the day and the N.U.L. Experience Expo Hall will feature for the first time an Empowerment Stage with some of New Orleans’ great entertainers and Empowerment Seminars.

We thank our title sponsors, AT&T, Centene Corporation, and Shell, as well as Nolan Rollins and the Urban League of Greater New Orleans for being our hosts. Our Conference has not been held in New Orleans since 1996 and the anticipation is running high. You do not want to miss what promises to be an unforgettable experience!